Sunday, December 20, 2009

For Sale!!!

Complete driveline Evo motor w maybe 5000 miles on a complete rebuild.  HD cases, heads and jugs.  S&S springs and collets, jims adjustables, crane cam, heads decked, and much more that I can't remember right now.  comes with Dyna 2000i ignition and coil, charging system, rejetted CV carb. 
Revtech 5 in a four with kicker bought new last summer might have 2500 miles on it. 
Complete shovel primary setup, HD inner and outer, both in great shape NEW barnett clutch and billet pressure plate good chain and comp sprocket.  Complete starter assembly everyhting is in GREAT shape.  All this is in MY bike, I want to pay some bills off and buy a little car, and I don't need 5 bikes.  All this is still assembled and in the bike, can here run and ride. 
$3500.00 CASH!!!
located in N.E. Indiana 46725  will ship but you pay for it.  
E-mail me at

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scal Graphix...

Stopped by for a visit with my buddy Scal, of Scal Graphix
This guy does it all, painting, stripeing, signs, logo's, lettering, original art, hell he even drew up a tattoo for me.
If you ever need anything done, you can call him at 260 348 7839
or try his website.

He always has cool shit going on, like this plastic pan motor he gonna paint up like the real thing

Some of his orginal panels, all For Sale too..

check out these lines...

more goodness...