Friday, January 21, 2011

getting back at it!! with new toys!!

I have wanted to build this for a long time, finally made the time and got it done.  New weld table with adjustable/removeable vice, 3/8 plate top that is drilled every 6" for lots of jig options, sitting on a 3" X 4" I beam frame, with 2 1/2 box tube legs on heavy duty castors and adjustable legs to level it up..  took about 8 hours and cost me about $150.00
 My old Rockwell lathe pissed me off for the last time!!!  so I sold it, and several other useless tools around the shop and bought this bad boy..  I know its not American made but Chinese people need jobs too...
I did a ton of research before I decided on this..  I had a budget of about $2000.00 and I think I got the most for my money..  I havn't done much with it yet but so far so good...  runs very tight, and I don't have to rebuild it everytime I use it..  I will post more about it later...

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  1. Hell yeah i need to build me a table like that! looks good