Monday, November 28, 2011


Well it really happened, this is not a joke or the barn find story everyone is always telling!
A brother of mine who is more of a father figure to me than my father, has had this thing sitting in his barn for the last 10+ years, well I have been trying to buy it, borrow it, steal it, just fucking save it for the last 8 years!  A few weeks ago I stop by the old bastards house and we get to talking about "the pan"  he tells me that he has been doing some thinking and that he would like to ride it again...  at this point I just think he is talking out his ass and just trying to piss me off!   Well I start paying attention when he tells me that he put my name on the title and changed his will so that when he passes "the pan" goes to me!!  Told me that if any one deserves it I DO!!  I had to have him repeat himself cause I thought I heard him say that he was giving me "the pan" 

After a big hug, a few tears, and thanking him a couple hundred times!  Here it is!!  
Its rough, it needs LOTSA work but it is all pan baby!!  62 matching # I am so happy I could poop! and never have I been so honored in my life!!!

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